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New shipment arrived - hurricane Irma update

on 13 Sep 2017
New shipment arrived from Brazil, just in time to be cleared before hurricane Irma got to us. We got some damage on the ...
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Laelia bradei - NEW
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Laelia bradei is one of the small rupicolous laelia species that grow around Diamantina, in the state of Minas Gerais. The 1" flowers are light yellow and usually with a darker yellow lip, and are produced in short inflorescences.

Size - 2"
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Hi, I live in Richmond, VA and grow under lights Oct-April, then move my orchids outside under shade cloth. Is this an orchid that I would have success with? Summer temps are in the 90's and it's very humid. Inside under lights the temps are in the 60's-70's with at least 40% humidity. Thanks!

Hi, and thanks for the question. I am in Brazil right now, by chance I had access to my email. But trying to answer your question, it depends on a few things, the most important being: do you grow other rupicolous orchids under these conditions? If so, Laelia bradei is one of the easiest to grow so you should not have any problems... but even if you don't grow others of the same group the conditions you listed seem ok to me. When inside, if you can put the plant (or any other rupicolous laelias) on the cooler section (around 60) they will do better; even 70 is ok but the plant might hesitate to bloom as they need the cooler temps to mature the growths. Hope that helps.