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Multi CD - 1 (Catasetum, Cattleya, Laelia)
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CD - Presentations: Brazilian Catasetum, Cattleya and Laelia

This multi-cd includes Catasetum, Cattleya and Laelia, and these are not available individually anymore. The second multi-cd which will include Amazon, Rupicolous Orchids and Orchids of Rio de Janeiro is being prepared. This multi-cds present several advantages over the old individual-subject ones: 1- they are commercially made (quality on par with what you buy in stores), which means 4-color printing and poly-wrapping, among other things; 2- they are bi-lingual (English and Portuguese); 3- they have a nice autoload screen and other features like wallpapers that are free for personal use; 4- navigation has been improved; and 5- they have been thoroughly checked for typos and inconsistencies. They also cost less than the previous individual CDs if purchased separately. Here are some pictures:
  Box and CD view:

This is the cover view on the box and CD. The CD of course is round, but have essentially the same information. Everything is printed in real colors.
  Back cover view:

This is the back cover of the box. The picture shows Laelia purpurata in the natural habitat.

The individual contents stay basically the same as in the old individual  ones, but with thorough revision and navigation tweaks.

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